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New Coal - Project Report

New Coal - Project Report

It's finally here, my first project.

It is by no means finished but it exists in parts, theres a definite direction and I can finally step away from that brief.

It's been hard, really hard. I think I grew myself into the deep end with this one a bit. I'd never been set a brief which was so indepth and detailed but also so vague and I feel without real guidance I was very unprepared to tackle it.

Thomas (my brief setter) is located in the USA so communication was difficult. I dived head in giving myself a month for research, a month for development ad a month for finishing up.

First mistake, a month of research doesn't mean just learn as much as you can with no direction. I needed to start small and pull one point apart but instead I was trying to gather the biggest picture of the original gilded age that I could. I over complicated things for myself and I still feel like I'm getting bogged down in these areas and struggling to let my imagination have any sort of say.

Steph Bickford-Smith's tips were probably some of the biggest break throughs I had. She made me take every point of interest I had out of my note book onto a post it note so I could see them clearer and give them some sort of narrative/ time line.

This helped me walk through my research rather than feel like it was a huge mess, but I now see I needed to be much more selective.

Secondly the peer meeting, a great chance for me to show off all this research but thats all it was. I had no aim, no direction and no idea what I was going to get from this.

These meetings to some extent ended up having a negative effect as I would be following a lead with the project and trying to explain it pretty poorly to my peers, when they didn't get it rather than just following through with what I was doing and refining I ended up going backwards and completely changing direction.

It got a bit lonely out there and there are times when friends would ask me how it was going and I just could not be bothered to answer, when your so engulfed in a project its very hard to get someone up to date with you so quickly and if there not on exactly the same page as you it feels like it can sometimes muggy the waters even more.

There were a lot of knocks and I think this came from having no class mates around to compare projects and ideas, if I went off on a tangent I could be stuck down there for weeks all the while worrying about how much time I'm wasting.

Steph did a great job of explaining to me how I was thinking and what this meant in a more technically way, the types of projects I would make and what the outcome would prove. Was I problem solving? Was I asking questions? Am I starting a conversation?

Honestly i still feel like I'm not to sure why certain ideas I had were wrong, maybe they weren't and they just needed refining but I have had a real reality check in how difficult this will be.

Finding a current article on graphene was a real breakthrough for me and it gave me something to anchor the project around. I don't know if this is any sort of process it felt like a touch of good look. I definitely need to get more visual too, I'm thinking way to much and that doesn't feel safe for anyone.

I spent a lot of this brief trying to build back some confidence in my work, which isn't clever when Im doing such an experimental thing but now I have one project under my belt hopefully I can chill out a little more.

Peer Introduction - Sara Nisar

Peer Introduction - Sara Nisar

Grad shows

Grad shows