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Peer Meeting - Review

Peer Meeting - Review

A week ago today I hosted my first peer review. The overall aim of the review was to get those most interested introduced to the brief and to meet in person. For me though the meeting was my first deadline, it meant that all the research I had in note books, web links and stringy brain thoughts had to make some sort of chronological sense and narrative. 

After my meeting with Stephanie Bickford Smith I had started to come to some sort of direction as to where I would like to take the project. I will post some case studies and pieces of research that I now feel were very important up to this point that I used during the meeting.

Overall I think the meeting was a success, I now had a much better understanding of the project and a means to communicate what was going on so in terms of learning I think it was a big week for me. 

What I was really pleased about was by the end of my research presentation every peer was still on bored and completely following what I was saying (not that they wouldn't but if I would have stood up there even the day before I would lost EVERYONE probably myself included). 

At the end I posed questions and this was incredibly valuable. I asked questions that my research had chucked out that could not really be answered by fact to get an opinion that wasn't my own.

For example I asked, what is a digital craftsman?

Meg a student at Kingston had a point that just because digital is new it doesn't mean that everything physical has to have a direct translation into a digital realm. That there is not a digital equivalent of say a gilder or an artist there is just and extension, some people know skills to create things others don't thats what makes a craftsman a craftsman.

The only negative was that, from where I have just reached a moment of clarity with the project I now had a million possibilities and opinions on where to go next and I don't for one minute think that that is a bad thing but I feel everyone in the room would agree with me that in some sense this just got a whole lot messier once again.

I kind of stated that what is nice about this is that I obviously cannot do it all so I get to choose what now interests me most and kind of create a stepping stone path from everyones inputs, using some to go forward and having to skip some.


I'm really getting into metephors.



01/01 Initial research - Categories

01/01 Initial research - Categories

Mentor Meeting - Stephanie Bickford-Smith

Mentor Meeting - Stephanie Bickford-Smith