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Science Gallery - Hooked Weekender

Science Gallery - Hooked Weekender

My fellow young leaders and myself hosted a weekender at the Science Gallery recently, with so much going on, here’s a quick preview of the going’s on.

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Why are we drawn to mind-altering experiences? What are healthy levels of consumption? And how do we know when we’ve had too much of a good thing?

Our very first Friday Late will feed your cravings with a deterioration dance by Kaner Flex, a cocktail making activity with King’s researcher Sadie Boniface and a talk exploring addiction in different cultures with a film by the mighty Dose of Society. Plus much more all cooked up with live music to alter your senses and stimulate your brain.

Friday Lates at Science Gallery London are a chance to explore the gallery after hours, enjoy a drink and bite to eat, and discover talks, workshops, performances and music brought to you by inspiring artists and researchers.

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Experimental Espressos

Take part in a real research study looking at the effects of caffeine, run by Professor Mitul Mehta and his lab. Will your expectation of having a caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee alter the effect? What if you’re a coffee addict? Have an espresso on us and report back.

Brown Bread

15:30 - 16:30

Combining naturalism, poetry and story-telling, this scratch performance by arts collective Himourisk explores the chaotic lives of two people affected by long-term addictions. It has been devised by an ensemble of performers in recovery and recovery poet, Jeff Blair. After the performance will be a panel discussion with the cast, director and researcher Fay Dennis, focusing on why the number of drug-misuse related deaths is on the rise.

Please note this event contains strong language and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

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Scrapyard Challenge - like this!

13:00 - 15:00

Become the most popular kid on the block through building your own custom Facebook ‘Like’ buttons out of recycled materials and discarded junk. This Scrapyard Challenge workshop, led by artist Jonah Brucker-Cohen, will allow you to reimagine your physical environment as a connected space where objects can interface with Facebook, and the possibilities for online popularity are endless - if you want them to be.   

Scrapyard Challenge workshops are hardware hacking workshops that require zero technical knowledge and have been held in over 17 countries on 5 continents since 2003.

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Protest Press

Make a statement about addiction in this banner making workshop with Protest Press, a collective challenging the means of protest and inspiring powerful activism.


Hip-hop psychiatry listening station

Ever listened to an Eminem track whilst reading an article about it from a world-leading psychiatric journal? Check out a selection of songs and articles in our Hip-Hop Psychiatry corner and discover more about hip-hop’s complicated relationship with addiction and mental health, with King’s College London’s Rap Society. 


Poetry Slam

The HOOKED Poetry Slam brings you London's finest young poets giving voice to their obsessions and compulsions. With stories of drugs, sex, social media, love, idleness and TV addictions, they’ll go head to head to win a worthy cash prize and be named the Inaugural Science Gallery Slam Champion. The slam will be hosted by UK National Poetry Slam Champion, Toby Campion. 

Parasites - Project Summary

Parasites - Project Summary

Parasites - Development

Parasites - Development