My name is Stacie, follow me as I make my own Masters.

Peer Introduction - Susmeet Jain

Peer Introduction - Susmeet Jain

Introducing: Susmeet Jain


Studied at: Engineering in Information Technology from IET DAVV, Indore, India (2016 graduate)


Skills: Machine Learning and AI, I mostly code in python


Job: Currently taking MooCs living in a tent set up in an organic farm outside of Bangalore, India!


Experience: Scientist Technologies, Bangalore


Why are you here?: I am myself doing something similar, instead of going for a traditional masters degree, I am taking multiple MooCs to advance my skills in AI.

So thank you for taking this initiative, I am excited to connect with like minded peers! I am also looking to work on projects and am open for collaboration!


Take a look at:

This is the place I am currently residing at - https://jaaga.in/study/.

My first job was at this company - https://www.scientisttechnologies.com/


Peer Introduction - Trinika Kaushik

Peer Introduction - Trinika Kaushik

Peer Introduction - Kate Strudwick

Peer Introduction - Kate Strudwick