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Introduction to the Gilded Age

Introduction to the Gilded Age

Introduction the the Gilded Age


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Idea of consumer mixed reality applying a virtual surface to objects.

Exclusivity mean in a digital age of reproduction?

What is the role of objects in a culture increasingly mediated by digital imagery.


Ctrl+C  Ctrl+V are the new mass producers


Research luxury design from the period of the first gilded age- museums and collections

Society of gilded arts

V&A museum

British museum

How is it that some people get so wealthy while others get so poor.

Imense wealth----Imense deprevation

Second industrial revolution---->----mass production------>------making, shipping, communicating---->--------disruptive----->------STEEL(bessemer process makes steel faster + cheaper----1865-1900------40,000 miles of new rail tracks------>------enables them to move out and connect to new markets----->------take raw materials ----->-----process---->-----send back out------>-----boom----->-------STEEL CAGE-----build taller, build bigger in a new dimention.


The Gilded Age (1865-1898)


Intense industrial era-inward looking


Sarcastic - Mark Twain - Not a golden age but a gilded


‘A thin layer of gold ontop of whats pretty poor’

Tacky + Mosserable



Andrew Karneigi 

JP Morgan                                            >Captins of wealth . Titains of indusrty

John D Rockafella

Rich through political corruption.


Built on the backs of waves of imagrant workers.


Jacob Kiis

-How the other half live 


-Invention of the elevator 

    New buildings/ new industries/ bigger cities.

    More people working for wages

-Invention of the telephone (revolutionise the speed of buisnesses)

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 14.46.35.png

-Invention of the refrigerator

-Web of Markets connecting

-Invention of standardisation of time


    work longer hours

Sleep before the light bulb-9hrs

Sleep after the light bulb   - 7hrs

Reduced the risk of fire, increasing investment

Possible to produce faster with less skilled workers.

Paying for time + talent v Machiene

-Spread consumer goods

-Small wages

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 14.47.42.png



Social Darwinism

-How the theory of evolution worked to explain social inequalities of the period.

-White Angelo saxsons - most evolved.



         African Americans    Asians       Native Americans     Eastern Europeans    White Anglo 



-This doesn’t exist

-Different organisms evolve in different ways.


Apply Darwin’s theories how the world should be ordered, how classes and races should relate to each other.


-variation that is heritable

-variation affects reproduction

-well suited traits become more common


There is no such thing as one organism being more evolved than the other as we have all been evolving this whole time.

Sociologists missaplied this.


Herbert spencer -> ‘survival of the fitest”


Why are some people in a better social position that others?

Difference between classes

Confusing culture for biology

Biological deficiency for cultural difference

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 14.51.01.png

If I help you I’m not helping us.


-Less civilised people

-white mens burden

Teaching people to believe in a different way does not mean you change their biology.

High level of varitation breeds a healthy population

Race was made to catagorise - we are more alike than unalike

Make something poor look rich


Sarcastic-Instagram meals

-Add craft

What is digital craftsmenship?

Movement- not uniformed - precious

Brand endorsement make everyday objects are actions exspensive

-digital currency

World's witnessing a new Gilded Age

World's witnessing a new Gilded Age

Brief One - Design in the Second Gilded Age

Brief One - Design in the Second Gilded Age