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Critical studies - Lecture Hijack

Critical studies - Lecture Hijack

One of my briefers Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg invited me to a series of talks at the design museum based around the theme of risk. Really interesting and a great way to source/steal lectures.


Notes bellow are mainly for my use but also to share.




Jack Self

Virtumosic? - something becomes in the act of being done. 

-What it means to live today

-Possitive discourse through doubt + risk

A critique of everyday life.

The front door is an interface between the family and society.

Always be bored, push back and charge for time.

What risk within a spacial structure, corridors eliminate risk.


Security architecture outside Buckingham Palace, disproportional costs to lives saved.

-Aesthetics orchestrate response to risk.

In order to overcome global warming - totalitarianism of a Chinese kind is needed to execute it.

Risk assessment in military.

How far away from good can you get, the devils is the furthest from all good (God).

Austin Zeiderman

The endangered cities

Polotics of risk are changing what it means to be a citizen.

Security and risk, urban imagination.

Design can...

Prepare us to deal with the inevitable.

Help us to respond to the potentially catastrophic.

Neutralise risk by differing or displaying them.


Recalibrate our responsibility to risk + security.

security design interface (Ranciere 2011,9)

Why + how are certain things framed as risks and treats. 

Borders walls and barriers make everyone less secure- security aesthetics.The belief that tomorrow might not be better than today.


Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Better - as an assumtion


Ulrich Beck

Risky solutions

Coral altering for good or bad

Neither Telcher

Tay, Ngugen & Joohi, ACS Synth Biol, 2017 

Leave the mess or clean it up with a synthetic biology.


Dr Helga Schmid

Hartmunt Rosa, 2011 - Circle of Acceleratio

Dimensions of social change

Dyschronian age - do we allow boredom?

Uchronia - something might never even happen again

Temeral form of utopia


Best rich society page 12.

Michel Foucault Essential works

Fourcault 1954-1984 Volume 2

Aesthetics method and epistemology

Symptoms of planetary condition


Individuals are able to start breaking off.

-finding a third way


Choose to do these things using technologies and the markets.

Use them to structure in a new way.

Reproducing them in strange ways.

Are we supposed to design in difficulty.



Brief One - Design in the Second Gilded Age

Brief One - Design in the Second Gilded Age

Briefer Introduction -  Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Briefer Introduction - Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg