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Briefer Introduction -  Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Briefer Introduction - Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Introducing Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, my second briefer. Her work is really fascinating and after a few meetings I am excited to start working on her brief.

Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Artist, designer, writer

Works at: Studio Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Education: Royal College of Art (MA & PhD in Design Interactions), Harvard University (visiting student), University of Cambridge (Architecture MA Cantab)

Skill set: I work in and around critical design, fictions, synthetic biology, technological critique, and developing experimental methods.

Why M_Y_O_M_?: I think MYOM is a gutsy and political provocation, which questions the primacy of the traditional institution as higher education in the UK (and elsewhere) is increasingly commoditised. I’m delighted that Stacie thinks my input could contribute to her experimental research project; I’m excited to see how her projects develop and the challenges that emerge from MYOM-ing.


Critical studies - Lecture Hijack

Critical studies - Lecture Hijack

Work - Money

Work - Money