My name is Stacie, follow me as I make my own Masters.

Work - Money

Work - Money

An obvious problem for me is money/lack of it and as much as my Masters will be free I still have to pay rent, eat, move across London and general life stuff.


So at the minute this is how I'm doing it.

My friends mum has borrowed me a bike, I now cycle to Somerset House and so far I have survived.

My friend has moved into my room with me, we have been friends for years and she's helping me pay rent.

I have been dog sitting, started off great, ended in a rather messy protest.


Got a part time job Friday and Saturday nights waitressing.


Got a second part time job in a Free Masons pub, which is... interesting.


Got a third part time job doing events for start up Candy Mechanics.


All of this is a lot and not that fun but I am really working to figure out what 'work' works best to do this kind of project and still function as a normal human being.


(the cover photo is the cute dog that I sit for click bait)

Briefer Introduction -  Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Briefer Introduction - Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Peer Introduction - Vinayak Agarwal

Peer Introduction - Vinayak Agarwal