My name is Stacie, follow me as I make my own Masters.

What is M_Y_O_M

What is M_Y_O_M

What is Make Your Own Masters all about?

I want to create an industry-sourced, community-feel, entirely unique masters with a curriculum that evolves from people I want to learn from. My intentions are to gather designers, makers, thinkers, students, scientist and businesspeople-pretty much any one who is willing to help me to create a year of education like no other. 


Like all D.I.Y projects, the shop bought version would probably be better and much more convenient, but when that isn’t an option making it yourself always means you learn twice as much and create something completely unique with undoubted character. 


This is an experiment in which I intend to source and tailor my curriculum from those practicing the work I really love with the aim to build a huge bank of knowledge and creativity to be passed on to peers, future learners or influencers in education. 


I am not being funded and recording with an open mind to keep this project true to its intentions of just wanting to learn and share.

Introduction to the briefers

Introduction to the briefers

The very beginning of  M_Y_O_M

The very beginning of M_Y_O_M