Hello, my name is Stacie, and I am trying to make my own Masters. 

The work I love to do is interactive, scientific and human. Finding work with a mix of these qualities is a little out of reach for me right now. I know that I need to learn more, research more and explore further.

The Problem

I want to do a Masters, but I am unable to fund myself through a course.


I am going to make my own Masters, creating a community-feel and entirely unique curriculum that evolves from designers in the industry whose work I love.


I have 4 briefs set by 4 different designers that I would really like to learn from. Ranging from academic to speculative and commercial designers to help me keep a varied input and discover where my interests lie most.


I will seek project specific help resourcefully as an when I need it from my mentors, a range of professionals who are specialists in their field and willing to offer me support throughout the year.


I am taking on this year alone but I understand the value in my peers so I am creating a network of young designers, engineers, scientists and students all at a similar age to me to be my first port of call throughout this project to help generate ideas and structure the course. 

Follow the journey

This is an experiment and I am recording with an open mind to keep this project true to its intentions of just wanting to learn and share, that is why I am keeping this blog.

Get In touch

If you are at all able to offer me any help or guidance throughout this year either as a peer or a mentor please fill out these quick google forms. I f you have any questions feel free to get in touch at: